Organize an action

On #BlackFridays, we take action where we live, exit our workplaces and schools, and disrupt business as usual to build power that transforms our society. We are a show of force in the streets and in the halls of government, corporations, and institutions alike.


Hundreds of women joined in the first #BlackFridays action immediately following the Kavanaugh confirmation - it’s time to escalate. The Senate voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh is just one more reason why womxn around the country are enraged and ready to take action.  We’ve since facilitated groups in their own learning about self defense and community defense of self. We aren’t stopping until the holiest day of capitalism, November 23rd, the shopping holiday black Friday.

election = action

On #BlackFridays, we take action where we live, exit our workplaces and schools, and disrupt business as usual to build power that transforms our society.

In the past week, the country has experienced a wave of violence, intimidation, and attacks on our communities. We are just 6 days away from the 2018 midterm elections; this Friday, we can use our power to disrupt the isolation and despair to turn this election into the biggest action day of the year.

This Friday November 2nd, we will wear black, vote and volunteer for our future, defend the vote by getting educated on how to disrupt voter intimidation and harassment, and share this knowledge with your friends, family and community. .


If your state allows early voting, show up to your polling place in black and vote early.

  • If not, make your plan to vote on Nov 6, or organize a voting squad that can go vote together.

  • Volunteer on campaigns that you believe in. Find GOTV events in your area here.


Get educated so you can disrupt voter intimidation and harassment. Find information about existing protections for voters in your state here.

Documentation is key. Prepare to take videos or livestream any voter intimidation or harassment you see at the polls. Send your videos to the #BlackFridays team or use the #BlackFridays hashtag for livestreams.

One of the main aims of white nationalism is to isolate us from each other. Making sure we all have the same information is one way we can “love each other and protect each other”—and disrupt the isolation.

  • We’re asking womxn to make a video to share what you’ve learned about how voters can protect themselves and each other in your state.

  • Sample script ideas:

    • On Fridays I wear black and do my research on voter protection.

    • I’ve learned that intimidation can look a number of ways, including [posting misleading signs], or [saying that voters have to be able to speak English.] In [my state] , state law protects voters from ....

    • “On Election Day, I’ll be taking action by voting, and then making sure others can vote safely

  • Post the video on your social media using the #BlackFridays hashtag so we can promote it.


#BlackFridays is a volunteer-led community. Please support this work and womxn of color’s leadership with a donation.

If you are hosting your own #BlackFridays Get Out The Vote action, please register it on the #BlackFridays map here so womxn in your community can join!  

** Make sure you take pictures and post them using the #BlackFridays hashtag, letting others know why you’re taking action.