We are meant to do things together. Every time we take the opportunity to transform networks into nets that work in times of need, it is a direct challenge to the isolation offered by patriarchal, individualistic, and harmful capitalism.


Self Defense

This group of resources focuses just as much on self defense as it does community defense of self.

Self Defense Starter Kit


Tribal Community Response When a Woman Is Missing: A Toolkit for Action - National Indigenous Women’s Resource Council

School Safety Info Manual - Union Federation of Teachers

Movement history

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry (Documentary)

10 Point Program - The Red Nation

10 Point Plan - Black Panther Party (1966)

Proclamation from Alcatraz - Indians of All Tribes (1969)

Position Paper on Women - Young Lords Party

Over 500 social change documentaries to watch for free! - Films For Action


SACRED RAGE FOR CHANGE - @LeslieMac, #BlackFridays organizer