october 19, 2018

A big part of dismantling this horrible system that harms our collective well-being is building the social fabric between us that strengthens both our community and also us as individuals.

On Tuesday, you'll hear about physical, psychological, economic, and political self defense. From tactics to defend ourselves from violence to shared experiences that can help us understand how to defend our inner sacred spaces from the bigotry and violence all around us, we’re bringing it all.

We’ll also talk specifically about how to turn community defense into a form of protest this coming Black Friday (and beyond!).

This is a special opportunity for a different kind of protest—and we hope you’ll join us and invite the womxn in your life to join too!

Many of you have been sharing with us that since the Kavanaugh confirmation you feel even less safe than before. You have also told us that #BlackFridays help you feel stronger and connected, and we hope taking action in the name of community and self defense will foster that feeling further.