NOVEMBER 2, 2018

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#blackfridays why I am voting...

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First of all, we want to extend love and solidarity to all who are hurting and suffering after this most recent wave of violence. We are with you. 

One of the aims of white nationalism is to create a sense of individual isolation and disconnection. This Black Friday, we have an opportunity to disrupt by showing up and protecting each other through voting, volunteering, getting educated, and looking out for each other at the polls. 

The midterms are just 6 days away. If we give it all we got, it can be the biggest day of action pushing back on Trump and Trumpism this year.  

On Friday, November 2, we will wear black and:

  • Vote and Volunteer for our future. If your state allows early voting, show up to your polling place in black and vote early. If not, make your plan to vote on Nov 6, or organize a voting squad that can go vote together.

  • Defend the vote. Get educated so you can disrupt voter intimidation and harassment. We have information on how in this week's toolkit here

  • Share the knowledge. We’re asking womxn to make a video to share what you’ve learned about how voters can protect themselves and each other in your state. We have script ideas for you here

Don't forget to take a photo of you wearing black and taking action, and post it to social media. Make sure you use the hashtag #BlackFridays.