october 26, 2018



  • Sample language:

    • I am voting for my mother who has worked and paid into the system every day in this country but is struggling to afford healthcare

    • I am voting for my family - I had to go back to work soon after having my baby because I didn’t have paid leave. That ain’t right!

Less than two weeks away from the most important midterm election in recent history, one thing is certain: our opponents are doing all they can to make sure we can't or don't vote. 

But we refuse to be pushed into a corner of despair or defense. This Black Friday, we're going to disrupt the current narrative of hopelessness and turn it into collective action. 

On Friday, October 26th, we will wear black and:


    • The opposition has spent so much time and money pushing us into a defensive narrative. We refuse to lose sight of what we are voting for.

    • On Fridays, we are asking everyone to make a 30-60sec video of yourself wearing black and explaining what and who you are voting for.


    • In a number of states you can vote early. We are asking womxn to show up to their polling places in black to vote early.

    • If you can’t vote early, you can still make your plan to vote on Nov 6.


    • The opposition is doing everything in their power to stop us and our communities from voting. So we are asking womxn everywhere to go out and volunteer on campaigns.

    • Check out our map here to find out where to volunteer or join events in your area.


    • #BlackFridays is a volunteer-led community. Please support this work and womxn of color’s leadership with a donation.

Don't forget to take a photo of you wearing black and taking action, and post it to social media. Make sure you use the hashtag #BlackFridays.

Anything can change and anything is possible in these last thirteen days if we fight for it, together.