NOVEMBER 16, 2018

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Last week’s election brought many signs of hope and concrete examples of what progressive change in unexpected places can look like.

However, in the first 24 hours following the election, the Trump administration made it clear that they are ready and willing to escalate their dismantling of the political and cultural norms and the laws that hold together our troubled democracy. As a more emboldened, unaccountable administration becomes more desperate, the authoritarian violence affected through policy will continue. 

It is no longer enough to show up at a rally in support of the fight against injustices happening around us. 

We must change the rules of engagement, not with power but with the people. If the system will not take care for us, it is our duty to care for each other.

Friday, November 16, can you take action to support communities that bear the brunt of interpersonal and institutional violence? Here's three ways you can help:

  1. Engage in Active Listening: Actively listen to and follow the leadership of vulnerable communities who are traumatically witnessing and experiencing the brunt of this administration’s policies and hate-filled acts of violence. Follow the #WeKeepUsSafe campaign and join the Twitterchat on Friday at 1:00 PM ET  to hear directly from the undocumented, Indigenous, Black, Trans+, differently-abled, and asylum-seeking community members’ voices. 

  2. Radical Care: It is time for us to show up in support of vulnerable communities by sharing resources, and building real safety nets of protection on their (communities most impacted by Trump) terms. Sign up as a sponsor to support families seeking asylum in the US. 

  3. Direct Support: The best way to support vulnerable communities is to directly support individuals, organizers, and small community groups by giving directly to them. Direct support is a way for us to funnel resources to vulnerable communities without relying on a system that seeks to harm them. Mutual aid is a thing of beauty. Click here to donate directly to organizers on the ground.